Welcome to Homer's Indian page..   

05-16-04  Posted Paint Codes for 02/03 & 99-01 models on Shared Files page..also posted 03 Chief Accessory manual. No news on Indian

04-14-04....More instructions posted on the Shared Files Page ...got a new scanner. 

04-13-04....Tax Day is almost here, don't forget!  Ok, no updates on IMC but I did start working on the shared files.  I added the TSB's (stolen from www.Indianmotoryclestuff.com ) and posted the Chief Vintage Installation Instruction--haha didn't have to scan because it was already done by someone else!  Check it out on the Shared Files page.

3-24-04...Rumor and innuendo--enuff said. On the other hand, check out the Shared Files page for more goodies just posted.

3-22-04..... no news...I've been told that there is no deal as of yet (not saying it won't happen)...O.C.C. is still a player...maybe...there is also talk of copying the engine without the Indian name on it...we'll see...there's new files on the shared files page.

3-19-04 ....we're back................i think!!!! check out www.americancycletalk.com/indian for more info..if you hear/see something....share the wealth.  I tried to verify by calling the Umpqua Tribe--no luck. Was told to  try again Monday....stay tuned

I have a red Vintage Chief #185, black bags....Had a few problems, but I still love it.  It's one of 2 we know came to Looosiana..the other was sold to a casino. We think it was won by someone in TX.

I am currently doing some performance mods, including: Blackhawk (Frank is very helpful) head gaskets and oil pump, 561 cam, single fire ignition from Thunderheart (speak to Brooke, she knows her stuff).  Also doing some dressing...can you have too much? Including: primary being chromed, new chrome rocker boxes, cam cover and trigger and foot pegs from Thunderheart, polished tach (found the chrome one too late), Indian branded boot guards from  Boot Dr. Nice glass front fender replacement light form Howard Hegwer, Leather from Chilhowee, stainless cable set, and sooner or later derby/inspection covers from Warpath.  I also have the Indian branded alarm from Armed guard.  Hope these guys don't mind me plugging 'em...

I'll post some pics and crap here sooner or later, but for now, click on the shared files button for my .pdf's. and ignition curves. There are pics of the "'04's" on the coulda, woulda link

Here some cool links and helpful places to visit...

IMC --when and if...the site is up now tho

IIRA--cool site. lots of info and good peeps--check out the forums

Ramp Indian--part of a car dealership, but still good peeps from my long distance dealings with them

IRG--"Official" riders group ("factory" sponsored)

Indian Waterloo--same as above, except I visited them once

Indian Virginia Beach --nice shop..Friendly and helpful. They are closing..only open on Saturdays.

Hillsboro (N D) Indian--just bought an extended warranty from them!!





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